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“This abstract impressionistic artist’s work demonstrates a quality found in spiritual artwork, ethereal atmospheres sometimes containing bold and dynamic bursts of colors. There is a dreamlike quality to Sharon Grimes artwork. Found internationally with obvious influences of spirit, her work brings the beholder to peace.”

~ Julia Ross

Sharon Grimes contemporary abstract works leap off the wall and into the viewer’s mind through the use of scintillating color and contrast, compelling texture, and skillful composition. Her work speaks through abstraction to evoke timeless subjects such as the energy of life, the awe-in-spiring perfection of nature, and the unimaginable expanse of our universe. Grimes creates “a feast for the eyes, as stated by Sara Eyestone, curator of La Posada de Santa Fe and Spa.

As a young artist in her 20s, she fed her passion and inspiration through frequent gallery and museum visits in whatever city she found herself, including a year abroad. 

Her art has garnered audiences in group exhibitions at institutions such as RW Norton Gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Kilgore Art Festival in Kilgore, Texas, the Tyler Museum of Art, and Longview Museum of Art. Solo shows include the Longview Museum of Art, Elm Street Studio in Keller, Texas, the Texarkana Regional Arts Council and Arcadia Gallery in Tyler, Texas. She has been accepted into major expositions such as Red Dot Miami, the New York Expo, and Santa Fe Expo. Her work has garnered her the position of finalist in a 2014 Hunting Art Prize. Grimes’ art lives in many private collections throughout the United States and Europe. 

Grimes’ work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Spain at Art Nou Millenni in 2021 before moving to Day2Day Gallery in Collioure, France.


  I have never been satisfied dealing with only the surface-level of anything. A work may begin with a surface-level concept, but I am going behind the veil of the surface to get to a deeper structure and meaning. This is ironically achieved by adding layer upon layer of media, resulting in a mysterious look that points to what might lie just outside my consciousness. . The transformative power of art happens in the exploration of that which remains unconscious.

       I create mixed media abstract paintings, gaining inspiration from nature and specifically the effect of light. I watch the sun as it sets to see the color it creates and the way the light peeks around the clouds. Studying nature has always been a source of joy for me.

  In my experience, every painting goes through a problematic phase. Finishing a piece builds confidence that I can work through even the most painful of issues, and I feel competent for a few moments. It mirrors life that way. By reaching for and featuring the deeper meaning of a subject, I am reaching for the energy and mystery which animates and shines out through all things.

  As I paint, I drift into a somewhat meditative state until suddenly, magically, everything is translated into a final work. The evolution of rendering a single piece of inspiration into a real work of art is delicate, intimate, and often unpredictable.

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