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My love for Home design and decor began when I was a young girl.  I was inspired and motivated by several women in my family who had Homes that were filled with love and decorated to the T!  I admired them for the pride they took in their Homes and knew that one day I would want the same.  As I grew to be a teenager then into adulthood, my love for the Home grew more and more.  When I met John, my husband, he knew my passion and encouraged me to do what I loved, jumping right on board with every design and decor project and discovering he was pretty good at it himself.  Our first Home was our first project to tackle together which made a lasting impression on our hearts and only strengthened my desire for all things Home.  As time has passed, my love for Home design and decor has grown to where at times I feel as if I cannot contain it all, my sweet family can attest to that.  I have come to realize that God used those other women in my life to plant a seed in my heart that would one day grow into a business of my own.  Hartland Home is a result of the continued growth of that seed and the encouragement of loved ones along the way.  It is a dream that is becoming reality before our very eyes.  We truly love what we do and the products and services we have to offer you.  Our desire is to bring beauty to your Home using hand-selected pieces and special touches so that you never want to leave!

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